Webber knows the importance of choosing the right fit for every project, whether that is the right designer, the right sub-contractor or the right tools to make a project successful. Webber is able to customize our full-service capabilities and provide intelligent construction solutions that will exceed client expectations and make a valuable contribution to the communities we serve. With Webber’s diverse abilities, we have been able to take a specialized seamless approach to construction management for every project.

It is the Webber Way.

& Estimating
The start of a project is key to its success and Webber focuses on a balance between efficiency and effectiveness to ensure the project kicks off right. Collaborating with our clients and subcontractors for a full constructability review while utilizing our in-house Engineering Services team to find value engineering opportunities to build faster, Webber runs fast from start to finish to ensure the best quality and value.
Our team will use their vast experience to ensure an aggressive schedule, phasing plan and scopes that will maximize value while recommending efficiencies or areas where additional investment is needed for long term savings without sacrificing quality and creativity. We aim to maximize the owners vision by collaborating and respecting the architectural integrity of the project.
Client satisfaction is the goal of every job. We want to exceed our customers’ expectations so they choose us for their future construction management needs. Our proactive culture, being transparent, flexible, communicating openly, keeping the closeout top of mind and caring about everything what we do. We show each client how to realize the project’s full potential quickly, safely and – most importantly – together.
The priority for Webber is to keep our employees and the public safe at all times while building intelligent infrastructure that benefits the communities we live and work in. Of our five core values at Webber, safety always leads – and that is reflected in our safety record with zero injuries for Webber Commercial in 2017. We recognize that safety starts and ends with the employees themselves – in which we champion the idea that every employee is a safety manager at Webber and it is the moral obligation of each employee to take care of one-another so everyone goes home to their families every day.
Webber’s goal is to build each project with the future in mind. Building something that will last for the years to come is key to ensuring customer satisfaction – and we go the extra mile to warranty that quality. Through the implementation of well-developed tools, such as Procore, we are able to obtain more consistent results with every project. Using the best materials, craftsman and doing every job right the first time is the Webber Way.
Just as important as maintaining a budget, completing a project on time is key to delivering an excellent customer experience. More than following a plan, schedule engagement with all key project players – owner, project manager, field engineers, architect, subcontractors, government officials and other stakeholders – means working in a close, coordinated effort towards key milestones to drive the project forward together. Challenges will arise in the construction phase, as they are second nature to this line of work, but these opportunities will allow for Webber to develop innovative solutions. Building and maintaining relationships across the entire project team helps keep communications lines open to proactively identify potential project disruptions and a laser focus on the finish line.
Webber always starts a project with the end in mind and our Closeout process begins the day we award our subcontractors. Our Closeout Technician establishes an expectation allowing our subs to perform will begin to accumulate all our final documentation, including owner manuals, as-builts and scheduling of training. In addition, Webber will begin a final QA/QC report of the project leading up to our final punch walk with the owner team.