WSI US 290 Segment 7

WSI US 290 Segment 7

Project Description

Name: WSI US 290 Segment 7
Location: Houston, TX
Time Period: July 2013-August 2018
Cost: $63.8 million

US 290 capacity expansion via combination of reconstruction and mainlane widening from 3-1-3 to 5-1-5 lane configuration for 2.5 miles of 290 corridor including major bridge, retaining, paving, storm sewer, removal, etc. via Design-Bid-Build delivery. Project includes multiple major milestones (incentive/disincentive) for expedited delivery amidst high traffic volume and constricted Right of Way. Project requires high-level collaboration between client, design consultants and contractor for expedient resolution of design and utility issues.

US 290

WSD US 290 Segment 6 at Beltway 8

Project Description

Name: WSD US 290 Segment 6 at Beltway 8
Location: Houston, TX
Time-Period: February 2013 – July 2017
Cost: $109.6 Million

US 290 capacity expansion from 3-1-3 to 5-1-5 lane configuration and cross road improvements for 2 miles of 290 corridor including major bridge, retaining, paving, storm sewer, removal, etc. via Design-Bid-Build delivery. Project includes multiple major and internal milestones (incentive/disincentive) for expedited delivery. Webber has initiated numerous alternate design proposals to curtail project delays and costly utility relocations, many of which have been accepted and implemented on the project effectively providing substantial economic benefit to the client and project.

US 290 Reconstruction

WRJ US 290 Reconstruction Brenham

Project Description

Name: WRJ US 290 Reconstruction Brenham
Location: Washington County
Time-Period: April 2001 – May 2013
Cost: $37.3 Million

The project consisted of five miles of reconstruction of mainlane and frontage road construction from Woodward Creek Bridge to the BNSF RR Bridge in Brenham TX on US 290.

Start- STA: 1266+60
End- STA: 1449+00
Cross Streets Include:
SH 36, BU 290, & FM 577

The Scope

The project consisted of 12 total MSE Retaining Walls totaling 138,000 SF and 3 Soil Nail Retaining Walls totaling 12,000 SF, two new bridges, 6 existing bridge approach slab and rail replacements as well as 400,000 CY of embankment.

Included the following major bid items.
• 132,715 SF Retaining Wall MSE. $5.7 million
• 102,000 SY of concrete paving. $3.89 million
• 80,000 tons of new asphalt surface. $3.85 million
• Underground. $2.1 million
• 400,000 CY of embankment. $1.2 million

US 290 Reconstruction


Project Description

Name: WRK Pier 18
Location: Port of Galveston

Pier 18 was $5.2 million dollar rehabilitation project for Port of Galveston. The project was being partially funded by a $10 million Disaster Assistance Grant Program from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA), which came to the aid of the port after Hurricane Ike.

The first phase of the construction project, which involved expanding the dock apron an additional 40 feet further into the channel and installing improved fendering and moorings was completed at a cost of $5.2 million.

These renovations enabled Del Monte to more efficiently discharge cargo from ships calling at the terminal. The Port of Galveston, Texas’ Star Cruise Port serves as the primary point of embarkation for cruises to the western Caribbean and the Bahamas. Four cruise lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney Cruise Line, Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean, sail from Texas’ only cruise port.



Project Description

Name: Bush IAH Taxiways
Location: Houston, TX
Time Period: 600 Days
Cost: $42 million

Bush Intercontinental Airport project was to refurbish and construct Taxiways WA – WB and new west vault. Work included subgrade and concrete pavement demolition / removal, subgrade stabilization and repaving of taxiways, as well as new taxiway construction and total replacement and upgrade to electrical systems and construction of a new FAA communications vault. The $42 million project was completed in eight phases over 600 days. All milestones were met with work completed in March 2012.


Project Description

Name:  Bush Automated People Mover
Location: Houston, TX
Time Period: 18 months
Cost: $23.4 million

The Bush Intercontinental Airport Automated People-mover between Terminals A and B required extensive coordination with airport operations. Webber constructed the people mover’s foundations superstructure and train deck. Completed in March 2010, the $23.4 million project featured tight working conditions throughout its 18-month duration. Close partnering between Webber’s workforce, the airport, and airlines was essential since the people mover was built while keeping the terminals and adjacent parking garage open at all times.

WRQ Sylvan Avenue Bridge


Project Description

Name: Sylvan Avenue Bridge Project
Location: Dallas, TX
Time Period: November 2011-November 2015
Cost: $45 million

The existing two-lane roadway sits at an elevation within the Trinity River floodplain and new construction will eliminate the need to detour traffic during times of flooding. Construction begins at Morris St. in West Dallas, extends north across the two levees of the Trinity River, and connects to the Design District at Irving Blvd. The new design, performed by HNTB, will raise the elevation of Sylvan Avenue onto a 3,500 foot-long bridge, and increase traffic capacity to six lanes. It also adds pedestrian access over the Trinity River that includes bicycle lanes and six-foot wide sidewalks on each side of the bridge. The planned construction will also add an access ramp to Trammel Crow Park, a new boat ramp, and continuous streetlights, along with other aesthetic elements.

The Scope

  • Increasing traffic capacity from two lanes to six lanes
  • Adding pedestrian access over the Trinity River that includes bicycle lanes and six-foot wide sidewalks on each side of the bridge
  • Install an access ramp to Trammel Crow Park, a new boat ramp, and continuous street lights, along with other aesthetic elements
  • Major quantities include 13,000 CY of substructure concrete, 43,000 LF of girder erection, and 396,000 SF of reinforced concrete bridge deck


Project Description

Name: Grand Parkway US 290-SH 99
Location: US 290 east of Bauer Rd.
Time Period: October 2011-December 2013
Cost: $115,670,596

The Scope

  • 901,959.6 SF of Bridge Deck
  • 783,685 CY of Embankment
  • 283,690 SY of Concrete Pavement
  • 232,587 SF of MSE Walls
  • 7,868,822 LBS of Steel Tub Girders
  • 75,997.35 LF of Concrete Beams


Project Description

Name: I-30 Tarrant County – Entertainment District
Location: Arlington, TX
Time Period: November 2007- December 2010
Cost: $145 million

Webber and TxDOT partnered together to transform 5.8 miles of former turnpike landscape into a modern Texas highway. The “Three Bridges Project” improved the traffic flow and access opportunities from IH 30 to the Arlington Entertainment District. Improvements include the provision of additional freeway lanes, two new bridges, two replacement bridges, Texas turn-arounds, continuous frontage roads and a high occupancy vehicle lane. Working with local communities, agencies and TxDOT, the partnership succeeded in opening the project prior to the World Series and Super Bowl XLV. It was on budget with a $3.2 million savings that was reapplied to the project.

In October 2011, Webber was awarded a Texas Project Award from the Fort Worth District, recognizing the hard work and dedication it took to complete this high-profile project under budget and ahead of schedule.

The Scope

  • Continuous one-way frontage road
  • Rebuilt main lanes; depressing the highway
  • Constructed new seven lane bridge structure
  • Reconstructed an existing eight lane bridge
  • Dropped six main lanes below grade, allowing for shorter bridge spans and a reduction in need for ROW
  • High-profile construction
  • Very heavy traffic volumes
  • Safety concerns with existing conditions
  • Maintenance of traffic
  • Accelerated project delivery schedule
  • Close coordination required by TxDOT District and Area Office


Project Description

Name: 183A Toll Road
Location: Williamson County, TX
Time Period: March 2010 – February 2013
Cost: $77 million

Phase II of the 183A Turnpike Project is located in southwestern Williamson County and extends approximately 5.1 miles, traversing through the cities of Cedar Park and Leander in the State of Texas. The project extended the main lanes of the existing 183A Turnpike from FM 1431 to north of RM 2243. This limited-access toll road was constructed between the existing frontage roads – which were constructed as part of the initial phase of the project – and the added capacity consisted of three lanes in each direction with access ramps connecting to the frontage roads. It is located east of, and parallel to, the existing US 183 facility.

The construction tasks principally included: preparation of right-of-way; excavation and embankment; flexible base / cement treated base; warm mix asphalt; concrete pavement;concrete curb and gutter; roadway bridges; retaining walls; drill shafts; rip rap; concrete box culverts and other drainage structures; water quality ponds; barricades, signs, and traffic handling; illumination; overhead sign supports; traffic / pedestrian signal head, pole, and detectors; a pedestrian bridge; toll facilities; and ITS ducts.

The project consisted of over 300,000 sq. yd. of concrete paving. It had over 33 MSE walls built, and 14 bridges. There is a 4 mile sidewalk on the job with 2 pedestrian bridges as well.