Webber, LLC has a long-established reputation for honesty and integrity in business dealings as a result of our continued lawful and ethical behavior as a company. This reputation is a source of pride for us as well as one of our greatest assets because it instills the necessary trust and confidence by our customers, subcontractors, suppliers, and the overall community in which we operate. At Webber, we remain committed to the highest standards of business ethics.

In order to maintain our commitment to honesty and integrity, we have established a Code of Ethical Conduct and Company Compliance Program. The Code of Ethical Conduct (“Code”) is intended to identify the conduct our employees are expected follow when conducting business on behalf of our company., The Company Compliance Program (“Program”) is intended to ensure that all employees are abiding by the Code. As an employee, you are expected to read both the Code and the Program and certify annually your commitment to complying fully with both.

To administer this Program, I have appointed Vice President of Human Resources as the Company Compliance Officer. Among other things, he will be responsible for implementing appropriate procedures and policies applicable to the Program, ensuring that each of you receive a copy of the Program, providing regular training on compliance with the Program, and ensuring effective and appropriate enforcement of the Program. As Vice President of Human Resources, Mitch Beckman reports directly to me and has my full support and attention. I am certain that our Officers, Directors, Managers and Supervisors will ensure that this Program receives full attention and that they and their team members will participate fully in the Program’s implementation. Also, even though I have appointed the Vice President of Human Resources as the Company Compliance Officer, please know that I maintain an open door policy for any employee who has concerns regarding any company or employee practices.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough that Webber does not, and will not, tolerate unlawful or unethical behavior. Webber expects each employee to act in accordance with the laws and regulations that apply to our business and to not condone criminal or unethical behavior by others. Each of you is expected to alert Mitch Beckman of any information you may have concerning unlawful or unethical behavior by any of our employees, prime contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, or customers. Violation of this Program, including failure to report a violation or other unlawful or unethical behavior, are grounds for a range of disciplinary actions, including termination.

Our continued success depends on all of us doing the right thing at all times and maintaining the highest ethical standards. Only in this way can we continue to earn the trust and confidence of our customers and the community in which we operate.

Jose Carlos Esteban
Webber, LLC