Webber actively recruits the best and brightest professionals and team players in the construction industry. We’re looking for experienced, enthusiastic people dedicated to delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions. We strive to attract individuals who seek to excel – that is, those who understand the importance of a positive attitude and exhibit a capacity for growth.


The necessity of maintaining and replacing our nation’s infrastructure is a foundational piece to maintaining economy, mobility, and safety. The construction industry is continually evolving to meet the increasing demands of rapid population growth and aging infrastructure. As the demand for revamping and constructing our nation’s infrastructure continues to increase, the methods and models Webber is adopting will allow for continued success as well as a high degree of stability.

Celebrating over 50 years in business and being the largest transportation construction company in the state of Texas and #14 in the United States, Webber is a proven leader in the industry. Webber’s philosophy is to align the talents and strengths of the individual or team member with the company’s resulting in the ability for the employee’s achievements to truly make a positive impact not just throughout Webber but within the entire industry.

At Webber, we believe there is no better investment than in our team members. Our emphasis on continuous training and development ensures individual and company success. A mix of veteran team members, recent graduates and hard-working crews equals a culture of teaching and learning. At Webber we value your contributions, develop your leadership potential, expand your skill set, and recognize and reward superior performance. Opportunities for personal and professional career advancement are encouraged and nurtured within Webber.


You Will Grow with Webber

For Webber, our team members are our fundamental strength, and for this reason Talent & Performance Management is a key component in the work of our Human Resources Training and Development Department. Our main purpose is to provide our crewmembers with the right channels for assisting and encouraging their career growth in order to provide excellent service to our customers.

At Webber, you can attain a level a personal growth and business acumen that few organizations offer. Team members develop leading-edge skills in leadership, performance and communication.

Webber has a Capability Model that acts as a reference point in the development of our crewmembers.

The Nine Competencies

  • Leading, Managing and Developing Others
  • Communication and Influence
  • Analysis and Decision Making
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Flexibility and Change
  • Drive for Results
  • Customer Focus
  • Business Mindedness