Project Description

Name: Lone Star College Parking Garage at Fairbanks Center
Location: Houston, TX

Lone Star College–CyFair is a junior college serving more than 3,000 students in the Houston area each semester. The three-level precast parking structure adds more than 300 spaces to alleviate parking challenges at the Fairbanks Center that were caused by construction on Highway 290. The project faced multiple challenges from the start: limited funds, a tight schedule with significant long lead time for precast and accessibility of the center to students and the public. Our team was ready to go on day one, and the garage was completed within 21 weeks, which was earlier than the original schedule and included all site work, utilities, foundations and elevator installation.

The strength of our commitment

Before the project began, LSC considered delaying the project and hiring the precast contractor directly due to the limited funds and time available to complete the project. Recognizing the school was in dire need of parking spaces, we exhausted all options until they had a plan that worked. We knew the schedule could not be accomplished without a precast contractor willing to commit to the project, and precast contractors were in high demand. Coming up short after the initial search, the team went back and searched harder and found one company willing to commit. So when LSC questioned our ability to meet the schedule, our team had a specific plan, with a specific contractor already on board.

Caring for the details

For the LSC parking garage to be successful, we knew there was no room for quality issues. We kept a careful eye on costs, looking for savings opportunities, with the other eye trained on getting the work right the first time. Part of our strategy was to save money on re-paving by preventing damage to the existing surface lot. Our team prepared a detailed plan to control the flow of construction traffic and designated certain areas for high protection. The plan also included isolating construction activities from the school’s activities to protect the students and public. Through careful coordination of a detailed plan, additional savings were returned to the college at the end of the project.